Yoga Goes Online as WILDDESIGN Builds Muuyu’s Web Yoga Platform

Online services have increasingly replaced their bricks-and-mortar counterparts over the past decade, so it’s no surprise that more and more businesses expanding by integrating e-business strategies. As a result, one should hardly be surprised by the variety of services you can find on the Internet, from buying a carton of milk, to graduating a university online. What’s more, if you have a unique product or idea, you can easily sell it online.


Here at WILDDESIGN we love to work with unusual and innovative clients. The work we’ve done for Muuyu, a new online yoga platform launching soon, is designed to help yoga aficionados all over the world to connect with like-minded people. More than a simple social network, though, Muuyu’s primary feature is the ability to hold yoga classes via webcam, allowing up to a dozen students at a time to take live classes with expert instructors from all over the world.

WILDDESIGN’s involvement with Muuyu actually began over a year and a half ago, so it is not a first project we do for them.  This time we were working on creating and refining key elements for the platform, including the user interface, site flow, and color and design schemes.

As a company based in two countries, Germany and China, we usually do designs for the European or Asian market, but for Muuyu, their target market truly is everywhere, the design therefore had to be appealing for a global market. Aligning the UI aspect of the design with the technical framework of the site was an interesting part – a lot of the technology involved in the Muuyu platform is relatively new, which made creating a clean and simple UI both easier and more difficult; the video technology is innovative and allows for a lot more features and capabilities, but is also more complex from the back-end.

design process

With projects as broad and open as creating an online platform, the most exacting part is simply getting started. There is such a substantial amount of data and information to work through at the start, and the end goal of a clean yet engaging user experience can seem a bit far off. A designer’s job is to leverage the skills he or she has, however, the WILDDESIGN team came through with a design of more than forty distinct pages for the Muuyu site. Sign-up system, teacher & student profiles, dashboard to manage your account, scheduling, content editing and the video system for the live classes are already built up and are ready to use. With web design being done, we’re  are now working on a number of branding projects for them as well, including a brand book and a new logo, that will help set Muuyu apart within the inchoate online yoga world.

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Originally written by Miriam Dabrowa, 25. September 2013. Last updated 15. May 2023


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