WILDDESIGN’s sales kits help Continental Tire expand their APAC profile

Continental, the German tire and automotive supplier, asked WILDDESIGN for help in developing new dynamic sales kits for use in the APAC region. When designing a sales kit it’s particularly important to keep in mind that salespeople put in tremendous hours and mileage on the road, so a practical, flexible and easy-to-use solution is essential. While we worked to create something that represented the Continental brand’s values and principles, WILDDESIGN has also focused on the salespeople themselves and identifying their unique needs; we interviewed some of Continental’s top salespeople to get an idea of what they really need from a sales kit. That’s not even to mention that the kit has to look good and represent the brand’s values and principles.


Making a product tailored to the APAC market requires a strong focus on branding and presentation as well as extensive research – colors, shapes, texture and intercultural design appeal are just a few of the things that you have to consider if you want your product to succeed here. While adapting messaging to APAC, Continental, as always, sought to emphasize their German heritage and tradition, introducing interesting new elements and challenges into the design process. WILDDESIGN has a very open and cooperative relationship with Continental, so there was a great deal of freedom and flexibility in terms of design decisions. It was a given that silicone rubber would be used for the cover, as it is a key element of the overall feeling of Continental’s brand and products. When you open the Upgrade Your Ride sales kit, as we deemed it, you’ll find a pocket for extra material, which is convenient and practical for salespeople who often need to carry additional flyers or other marketing materials with them. The style and graphics are a bit more playful than they would be in Europe, but as a company based in Asia, we have a firm grasp of the APAC market’s overall taste and aesthetic profile.


As always, WILDDESIGN provided a full 360 degree solution, from ideation all the way to manufacturing, and as a result we have much more to show for our work than just a “golden sample.” In addition to the artwork aspects, we were actively involved in finding, vetting and working with suppliers. Taking care of the complete 360 degree design circle – from research to manufacturing support – requires a lot of communication with a diverse range suppliers, which can be a challenge, particularly in terms of maintaining consistent quality level. However, WILDDESIGN leveraged our design expertise and international experience, with a final output of 1,000 durable, high quality sales kits to be used throughout the APAC region.

WILDDESIGN enjoyed working with Continental tremendously, and we’ve become something of an authority on rubber and tires in the process – if you have any questions or need some new tires for your car, don’t hesitate to ask us!

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Jessica, Aibolot & Timo

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Originally written by Jessica, Aibolot & Timo, 29. July 2013. Last updated 15. May 2023


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