WILDDESIGN new visual identity part 1: our new color system

Visual identity

In November 2013, WILDDESIGN is bestowing a new brand identity upon itself! But before we get into the details, let’s talk a bit about history.

visual identity

A long time ago, a crazy but wise man took a picture of some grass and used it as our brand image and identity. It was everywhere: on our business cards, presentations, our website, even on our office door. We liked it so much that we even emphasized the grass by framing it with a black background. It made us look professional and creative with fresh ideas. Remember how it looked?

After long internal discussions, we decided to modernize and humanize our visual identity by letting the black color go and selecting five shades of green from the grass picture itself. The meanings behind these subtly different colors lie in the nuances of human personality.

new visual identity

In fact, WILDDESIGN believes that creativity is born in the meeting between people and their personalities. Which is why when a new employee joins the WILD team, his first mission is to choose the “green” that fits the best his personality. From “youngsters” to “deep thinkers”, everyone is able to ally themselves with one of the five shades of green so central to the WILDDESIGN ethos.


The five greens represent five human personalities:
Apple Green: For daring people, risk takers and “youngsters” at age or heart
Tea Green: For mischievous, creative and above all artful people
Grass Green: For life embracers and inventors who go all in
Emerald Green: For the mile-a-minute, “all over the place” types
Forest Green: For deep thinkers and lovers of solitary reflection


Because we couldn’t stop at this point, we also used the greens to represent our five key areas of expertise: intercultural branding, product innovation, service design, marketing & communication support and manufacturing support. But this is a story for another time!

Feel free to comment on our new visual identity, all feedbacks are welcome.

WILDDESIGN’s 17th Year Exhibiting at MEDICA/COMPAMED
Color vs. Personality at our WILD SEPTEMBERFEST 2013
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Originally written by Miriam Dabrowa, 01. November 2013. Last updated 15. May 2023


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