WILDDESIGN internship video – Darius from UK and his experiences

There are many good reasons to do your internship at WILDDESIGN – Darius explains his in a short video.

Darius is studying industrial design at Loughborough University in the UK. During his six-month internship at WILDDESIGN, he was able to practically apply and deepen many contents from his studies and learn new things. He has summarized his experiences of the internship in a video and shows especially insights into the daily office life of a design agency.

Especially the possibility to work independently and to work on his own project was appreciated by Darius at WILDDESIGN. During his time in Gelsenkirchen, he designed a bracelet to help children with atopic dermatitis against itching. Throughout the design process, he was able to get support and feedback from colleagues.

In general, Darius enjoys the relaxed atmosphere in the office. The kitchen is used intensively during lunch breaks, and employees can get some fresh air or clear their heads for a change on the roof terrace.

Darius describes life away from work as uncomplicated: he lived in the interns’ shared apartment provided by WILDDESIGN directly opposite the Gelsenkirchen office. Due to the internship allowance, meals and weekend trips to the surrounding area were also no problem. 

Since the internship is required by his university, Darius fulfilled the main requirements for an internship at WILDDESIGN. For this, the university must be listed in the Anabin list of accredited universities. In addition, applicants should be studying Industrial Design, Interaction Design or equivalent. Darius was in Gelsenkirchen for a full semester, but shorter internships of three months or more are also possible.

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Originally written by Lydia Münstermann, 16. August 2022. Last updated 23. April 2023


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