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Following on a Color and Trend study that WILDDESIGN conducted for sanitary world-leader Geberit in 2011, we designed and created a series of four unique drain cover patterns. Specially made for the Chinese market, the patterns had to be attractive and functional, while helping to strengthen the Geberit brand in Asia.

Our set of four drain covers ranges from playful to elegant, with the flagship pattern of the series, ‘Pixels’ drawing inspiration from the key element of the company logo, creating a playful rendition of Geberit’s distinctive pattern.

The challenge was to compliment Geberit’s growing range of bathroom-ware for the Chinese market and Geberit asked WILDDESIGN to create a series of drain-covers with unique drain patterns. The patterns needed to appeal to the Chinese market while also helping to strengthen Geberit’s overall brand identity.

Based on the findings of a bathroom trend study WILDDESIGN carried out several themes of pattern concepts. These themes have previously been used by WILDDESIGN to create graphic patterns for the Monolith toilet series. While the project was largely graphic, the drain patterns had to consider water-flow and material limitations.

Project outcome was 4 drain cover designs: ‘Pixels’, ‘Frame’, ‘Ripple’ and ‘Viola’ that vary in style from playful to high-tech. ‘Pixels’ particularly focused on Geberit’s brand identity, using a motif derived from the company logo. This drain cover has been chosen as Geberit’s standard drain which will now be sold with the majority shower products worldwide.

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Originally written by Miriam Dabrowa, 06. September 2012. Last updated 15. May 2023


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