Swiss Winemaker SCHULER Plays a Key-role In the World’s Fastest-Growing Market

Schuler wine

For some of us, wine is something we can’t imagine polishing off our dinner without. Just a few years ago, however, wine was considered something of a luxury good in China, and most bottles were actually sold as gifts, usually to be exchanged between businessmen.  It’s really not surprising, then, that when you think about wine, China is most likely not the first country to cross your mind.

Chinese Wine Market

The Chinese appetite for wine, however, has grown with the country’s economy, making the Middle Kingdom the world’s fastest growing wine market in terms of bottles consumed. China’s wine drinkers are also becoming increasingly open to new trends in viniculture, and they’re starting to seek out more background information as part of the pursuit of new wine experiences, tastes and varieties.  While local winemakers are profiting from the new Chinese thirst for wine, foreign wineries are also finding their place in the Chinese wine market and are playing a role in developing a new generation of a wine drinkers.

Our client SCHULER is also playing on the Chinese market playground, and WILDDESIGN is happy to be in charge of designing SCHULER’s monthly wine promotion campaigns, including newsletters, posters, roll banners and web banners. We’ve been briefed on their promotion campaigns and are responsible for the overall look and feel of the materials. Not only has WILDDESIGN developed the newsletter wireframes and layout concepts, but we’re also creating 2 brouchures – one promotional sales brochure with a selection of SCHULER wines, and one promoting the wines from their own vineyard Castello di Meleto.schuler poster

SCHULER is uniquely positioned to achieve success here in China, with strong Swiss heritage, a wide variety of high-quality products and some very nice design elements and marketing tools. With China’s wine market growing at a fantastic speed, we’re excited about helping SCHULER introduce wines that have been enjoyed for generations in Europe to the Chinese palette.

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Originally written by Miriam Dabrowa, 14. November 2013. Last updated 15. May 2023


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