What risks does a designer bear?

These and 6 other frequently asked questions (FAQ) are of great interest to our customers and clients.

1. -> What are the design costs?
2. -> Design rights – who owns the design?
3. What risks does the designer bear?
4. -> How can the quality of the design performance be measured?
5. -> For whom does a design agency work?
6. -> How does a design project work?
7. -> How do I start a design project?


This article is part of a series dedicated to helping you with some often-confusing design situations. In this series, we will answer some important design-related questions in hopes of alleviating common issues that come up between designers, their customers and clients.

What risks does a designer bear?

You know the common stereotype of the “paper designer,” someone who can do beautiful things on paper but avoids any real risk. Clearly, that’s not something you want. In essence, the designer assumes the risk of delivering the agreed-upon service in full at the agreed-upon time. Thus, an adequate number of qualified staff must be kept on hand to deal with any risks that may arise. In order to handle peak demand and workload, freelance staff are frequently consulted, but they are generally treated and managed as if they were regular employees, so that full work capability is available at all times.

And if you don’t like it?

Sometimes, unfortunately, the terms of the agreement between designer and client were not sufficient and the client simply can’t find his vision in the creative results. Anything can happen, but most designers are team players and behave accordingly. It makes little sense to continue the project, cooperation should be resolved in the short term by mutual agreement and by this time accrued expenses are paid on a reasonable discount.


Additional risk minimization

Thus, if there are no doubts about the production process or the quality of the results, you should agree upon and accept the criteria and terms with your design partner early in the project. Once recorded in detail, it can be easily checked in case of issues.

Anything we’ve left unaddressed? Do not hesitate to ask us. It all begins with the first contact – and it’s best to do it sooner rather than later!

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