TIR Bracelet: Atopic Dermatitis Itch Relief Among Children – Design Sprint 12

Completed over a one-month design sprint by Darius Fernandes. The industrial design student from the UK explored building habitual behaviour to combat skin disease and detailing of form and colour to conceptualise an engaging product.

Atopic Dermatitis is a skin disease which leaves sufferers with itchy, dry and cracked skin. Globally, it is estimated that 15-20% of children and 1-3% of adults suffer from Atopic Dermatitis.

The project lays its foundations on a primary research approach, having reached out and interviewed sufferers to understand their first-hand experiences. Thematic data analysis and cross referencing with secondary data helped outline significant pain points for ideating. Throughout the whole process, Darius was able to seek assistance from peers within the company, receiving thoughts and feedback from experienced designers.

A heavy focus during this design process was to design from a child’s perspective . Consideration into how they felt using the product, the discreetness in its wearing and use, as well as having the bracelet be able to fit the child throughout their growth was important.

The design process involved research into ergonomics, ideation sketches and physical modelling all in which aided the realisation of the concept through CAD and visual renders.

Design Details:
Depending on the user’s preference, different textures can be used to help sooth their itch. With a minimal and non-suggestive form, the product is accessorised, being on-hand all day. The use of the product is discreet and reduces embarrassment to the sufferer as they combat their itch.

Attention to colour was important in creating an approachable product. One aim of the project was to allow users to be able to express themselves when using the bracelet. Pastel hues and gradient colourways were designed to offer sufferers a diverse choice to match their personality.

To view more about the project, please see the video below:

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SILVER PLANER - Design Sprint 10
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Lydia writes about design processes and our medical design projects.

Originally written by Lydia Münstermann, 10. August 2022. Last updated 13. January 2023


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