One More Angle of 360 Degree Design

Many people ask us what 360 degree design really is. Here is another example.

Last year we wrote about our legendary Swiss client Geberit and their new shower drain grate patterns. As part of our continued collaboration, we’ve undertaken some unusual and challenging projects that have required a good deal of what we call 360 degree design thinking. This involves a focus intercultural branding and design that enhances quality of life, which brings most Geberit projects well within our agency wheelhouse. 360 degree design is also about doing absolutely everything necessary to meet and exceed a client’s needs.

This time Geberit, the European market leader in sanitary and piping products, tasked us with photographing an entire shower drain system structure, something that usually doesn’t stand up on its own in open space. We had designed the shower drain’s grate, but the 360 degree design approach often necessitates going further.

Describing the photography process, our Product Designer Francois de Martrin-Donos explained how “the difficulty was to hold the elements in the right position without any structure that would obstruct the picture.” When operational, the pieces are connected, but for the photograph they needed to be separated to clearly demonstrate the differences between them. Keeping the 360 degree design approach in mind and flexing their creative muscles, the WILDDESIGN team used transparent plastic bottle parts and clear tape to support the five main pieces of the drain system without obstructing the picture.

For the team, the project seemed unusual at first – after all, we’d never been asked to use photography to hide the forces of gravity before – but as it turned out the solution was fairly simple when we applied the principles of 360 degree design. Geberit was thrilled with the results and we had a fun time coming up with ways to take the photo!

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Originally written by Miriam Dabrowa, 15. April 2013. Last updated 15. May 2023


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