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At the end of 2015 we decided to commemorate twenty-five years of successful career by opening the new headquarters in Munich. Together with our partners BYTEC Medizintechnik with twenty-three years of experience in product development, quality management and CE/FDA – KnowHow we have created a medical design hub at the heart of the vibrant city of Munich, known for medical technology innovation and design. (read our initial blogpost from 2015). The headquarter was presented in November 2015 at the Medica/Compamed fair and has continued to thrive.

Driven and inspired by cooperation and influence from the strongest international design companies that have their headquarters in Munich, our team has a constant possibility of growth and improvement keeping up with the newest development in the field of medical technology. The networking with the fast-developing KI, ADM and Munich’s medical and biotechnology research scene, notwithstanding many creative and successful StartUps, has allowed for our customers to profit from the developments in the field to which we pay close attention.

With our youngest headquarters’ 3rd anniversary approaching we are happy to share that the choice of Munich, together with our carefully selected team is a success.

However, we don`t stop here, we are steadily advancing.

Our Goals and Achievements

WILDDESIGNhas a general goal of designing products that are highly competitive on the global market. Our work must fulfill the Time-To-Market and Design-To-Cost requirements. Besides offering highly functional products we put strong emphasis on usability and create user-friendly products.The team in Munich together with two WILDDESIGN headquarters in Gelsenkirchen and Shanghai, stands behind these crucial goals and works in accordance with them.

In addition to making its name in the medical design niche the Munich headquarters had managed to prove a great addition to WILDDESIGN in the field of Lab Tech. In the near future the team plans to bring out more products in the field of Dental Tech. Munich team is particularly concentrated on improving the field of usability, mixed reality and ADM.

From 2016 we have launched eight very successful products.

In 2017 we have designed special In-Ear-Wearables used for measuring vital bodily functions and a brain stimulation device. In 2018 we have designed a 3D printer – Lithoz, a Tinnitus Device – Cleanhearing, a Glass Thickness Gauge – Alpha.ti 4.0, a Protein Purification Device proFIRE and a Liposuction Unit. Additionally, we have prelaunched a MRSA-POC device, that is going to be finalized in 2019 as SpinDiag.

Our client Mark Keller / SpinDiag with PoC-Prototype

In the course of 2019, the market launch of an endoscopy control unit, an ankle bandage and a bioanalysis system will follow.

We are still working on Lab Fast Test Device, Eye Laser, Syringe adapter, Steel Thickness Measuring Device etc. In 2019 we are planning to release an Endoscopy Control Housing, an Ankle Brace, Ophthalmology Device and a Bioanalysis System.

The Structure and the team

WILDDESIGN gathers a crowd of creatives with diverse backgrounds. Our team is international, and we stand for a flat-hierarchy working climate. Team spirit is one of the features we value the most, besides personality of the team members that has to fit the climate we want to achieve and that is a climate of development, improvement, open communication among each other and with our clients, and creativity.

Our team is comprised of five employees that all complement each other through their personal competences and their professional focus. However, we all have background in Product Design and a minimum of two years working experience in the Medical Technology niche. 20 years of experience in industrial design, design refinement and visualizing techniques, media design, 2D and 3D modeling, working models` production and package production, UX design and GUI design, we have it all among the members of our tiny yet superb team.

We are happy to always have at least two interns at a time around us. Our team offers the opportunity for the young and developing minds to gather the valuable experience much needed in this line of work. Our interns come with very diverse skills, interests and from all over the globe. We have housed students from Italy, Spain, Canada, Sweden, Austria etc. They have all brought their own experiences and made our job even more interesting and inspiring. However, they have one thing in common, education in the field of industrial, UX or communication design.

We are particularly proud that we can offer our interns the opportunity to work on their own forward-looking projects, which they pursue from start to finish during their internship. We offer them the opportunity to apply their acquired knowledge and skills within a professional framework, to refine these skills and to apply the studied WILDDESIGN design process to their own projects.

The future

With much work achieved and a compact and strong team we are looking forward to the new projects that we are either working on or have mapped out. We continue to be on a look-out for people that will identify with our core-values, who live for creativity and design and who are ready to enjoy the time in our close-knit and friendly team. The story of the Munich headquarters goes on.

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Sven Dörhage (Head of Munich office) and Team

Cheers (Glück Auf)! ... and nearly thirty years of WILDDESIGN.
Happy Chinese New Year
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As head of the Munich Office, Sven observes the local design scene and writes about the development opportunities in the Medical Design Hub Munich.

Originally written by Sven Dörhage, 07. May 2019. Last updated 23. April 2023


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