Design goes east – Magdeburg, here we go!

Shortly after our merger, we are excited about the next event: Starting in June 2021, we will initiate interdisciplinary product design at our youngest and first location in Central Germany in our old “design brewery”.

Our product designer Benjamin Götze can already see his future workplace ahead of him and is getting all crafty: He is building furniture for the studio on his own. With customized interior furnishings, he wants to create the right atmosphere to render possible creative work. As part of the larssoncreative group, we put the idea for a new location into action. Sven Dörhage and Benjamin Götze from WILDDESIGN are responsible for the construction and expansion of the office. They are motivated to transform the building into a young and creative attraction.

“With industrial design, I turned my hobby into my profession,”
says Benjamin Götze, a man of conviction.

The planning and design of the new premises gives them the opportunity to realize their idea of a modern and creative working environment and to create a real additional value for the larssoncreative group with the new office.

Our design brewery in Olvenstedter street

We could hardly dream of a better building: formerly a brewery, then a cooking school and now a design agency – our new office is located in a cute, landmarked brick building with a large glass front and extends over three floors. An open workroom is planned for the first floor, the laboratory for creative and prototypical work. Here will be elevated work surfaces for sketching, prototyping and utility analysis. Workshops will be held in the lab. Right above: offices on the 1st floor and the 2nd floor can be used as a retreat or for meetings.

We chose Magdeburg because: the capital of Saxony-Anhalt is characterized by culture, education and industry. Parks and the proximity to the river Elbe shape the reputation of one of the greenest cities in Germany. Numerous cultural institutions, venues and universities create a lively, trendy city. In particular, the universities with their renowned design-related study courses were decisive for the choice of location. We want to help shape the city’s future-oriented development as a young and attractive employer. The new location is situated in a triangle between Hanover, Berlin and Leipzig. The capital and customers from northern, eastern and central Germany are thus very close – and health-related design solutions are demanded in more and more industries.

Saxony-Anhaltwhat do we contribute to the region?

To help shape a positive future for the area, we bring a bundle of energy and know-how. Our experience and expertise come together with the enthusiasm to develop something new and extraordinary. We want to strengthen Medical Design in the region – as we did a few years ago at our second German location. The Munich WILDDESIGN office has already existed since 2015 and, despite strong competition, it has grown into a permanent fixture in the regional life science scene in just a few years. The office manager Sven Dörhage is happy about the expansion:

We want to expand our existing network and build strong structures in the region.
All in person and on site – analog and also digital.

Magdeburg is a scientific city – Otto von Guericke sends his regards. But there are also young disciplines and faculties here. One of them is the STIMULATE research campus, which is dedicated to technologies for image guided minimum-invasive methods. The aim is innovation for image-assisted medicine. In the Otto City, study programs offer meaningful content for industrial designers of medical devices. Disciplines such as industrial design and interaction design are represented, as well as concentrations on integrated product development and medical systems. That way, students gain an awareness of design, medical- and engineering technology. The connection to campuses offers many opportunities:
lectures, internships and joint projects are exciting and enriching for both sides. Together we can use the potential of research-based product development.

Focus on UX – opportunities for design?

In our new office, we will continue to develop the discipline of design and align it with the challenges of the future. Here, as well as in our other teams, we rely on the WILDDESIGN strength: Medical Design. In the creation of medical equipment, there is an increasing demand for user experience (UX) and usability studies – for us, this is a basis to align our portfolio with. Ergonomics and comfort analyses will become an integral part of our future development processes.

The new location offers a great opportunity: Quasi simultaneously with the merger
with our new sister companies milani and evrbit, new incentives
for analog and digital services and processes are created here.
All larssoncreative offices can benefit from this. – Benjamin Götze

What is our vision for the Magdeburg office?

The buzzword is user experience. We hope to gain important insights for user-friendly designs by prototyping and testing a lot, somewhat like in a laboratory. Together with our partners evrbit and milani, we can ideally transfer UX into digital solutions. With the rise of autonomous systems, AI solutions and digital twins, we are looking forward to future challenges and innovations in the healthcare industry.

Click here to visit the site of our new Magdeburg design office.

30 years of WILDDESIGN
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Jule writes about design processes and our medical design projects.

Originally written by Jule Opp, 24. May 2021. Last updated 13. August 2021


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