Graphic Design and Branding Trend Preview 2015


The first weeks of January can be a difficult time for many of us. While gyms and nicotine supplement companies are enjoying their most lucrative month for the rest of us January is less than amusing. Struggling to work off the added weight gained over the Christmas period and trying hard to stick to those wonderfully optimistic New Year’s resolutions the majority of us look forward to the end of what feels like the longest month of the year. But it’s not all doom and gloom. While it might be cold, dark and most often wet outside, January also marks the beginning of many positive changes in our yearly cycle. The symbolic changing of the date means we all have a fresh start. Rather than looking backward we are all looking forward, we are planning the year ahead and eagerly awaiting the future and what it holds in store. In keeping with this more positive outlook of the year ahead we decided to take a look at the graphic design and branding trends that we think will have an impact in 2015. We even made a few design based resolutions which we hope to keep.


Stacked Type

This trend is being forecast by a wide range of design experts across the industry. It definitely holds a certain elegant or regal character and might be a counter to the wide range of more rustic logo developments over the past few years. Expect to see this logo trend find its way across a wide range of premium brands and products.


Transparent Overlays

A vibrant new trend using bright semi-transparent colours overlaid to great effect. PayPal recently changed its logo to a set of transparent overlapping P’s. Not sure how great their new logo is but the trend sure is!


Geometric Shapes

Last year saw a trend towards geometric shapes with the Geo-wire trend and the favoured use of polygons. This year we should see this trend develop further as brands look to latch onto this logo style.


Negative Space

Negative space is nothing new in design however this year looks to be the year of the negative space logo. Through clever use of negative space designers can enhance the look and feel of the logo. An interesting trend that may however struggle to find a wide range of applications.




Digital First! More and more the industry is turning to a digital approach first rather than giving a second thought to more traditional mediums such as outdoor and print when briefing new projects. No doubt a sign of the times and truly the future of our industry. A continued problem to solve is the give and take relationship between brand’s self-promotion and the delivery of content in return.brand’s self-promotion and the delivery of content in return.

Interactivity and Story Telling: In the fight for consumer’s attention brands will need to continue to develop creative ways of telling their brand or product’s story. Developing the interactivity of websites is more important than ever in this respect and brands that manage to engage consumers on this level will be the future winners. Easier said than done!

Animated and Video Content: With higher capability and an increased ability of the systems to handle data heavier content web design will see a continued shift towards animation and video content. Full width video backgrounds are just one example of how the design can be enriched. Animated transitions will also develop further as developers and programmers become braver with their designs.


It’s one thing to take an industry wide look at the trends but perhaps even more interesting for us is how our own team of designers view the coming year and what resolutions they have set themselves! Read on and find out what they think…

IMG_2480More: Geometry! Math is boring but design can make it fun, shapes will continue to evolve and combine with “digital surrealism”. And Micro Design – attention to detail, an improvement to responsive design and a flat design booster. Google’s design material will improve the design industry a lot I think.
Less: Hard to say what I want to see less as now I think one trend relates to the other and design covers way too many things. E.g. geometric shapes and design being more retro and space – like is a big one for 2015, this also connects to a direction more into the 80s-90s graphics (leaving behind the 60s-70s) like those of Windows 95. And at the same time it relates to 3D printing, it’s like a cycle of ideas and renovation.
Design Resolution for 2015: Keep my design-eye up to date… If design evolves, my design skills/taste need to as well.

WILDDESIGN | GRAPHIC DESIGN AND BRANDING TREND PREVIEW 2015More: Material Design is something I’m really excited to see develop in 2015. Google’s answer to the user interface is bold and beautiful. I think we are going to see a lot more inspiration in web and apps from this.
Less: I love the retro kick in design that everyone is on, but I think without purpose people are getting carried away. Would love to see a step back from this and for people to focus on ideas versus styles. It’s a lot of “Design for design sake” when I see the same styles on four different companies.
Design Resolution for 2015: So many resolutions for 2015; blog writing, sketching, illustrating, coding. My two biggest now would be to learn java/jquery and continue illustrating type, pictures, and whatever else I can think of.

WILDDESIGN | GRAPHIC DESIGN AND BRANDING TREND PREVIEW 2015More: As a service designer I would like to see design (and designers) getting more involved in social initiatives such as government plans and public services. I think the recent involvement of design skills (both thinking and practice) in such fields has proved to be valuable, from public transportation to banking systems. Even the developing of made-to-measure software (such as our Tracker) could represent a good occasion for designer’s skills to merge with other expertise.
Less: I would like to see less social networks and less tools that push their use as a self-exposing window and a substitute of the dear old “meet and talk”.
Design Resolution for 2015: My new year’s resolution is to tackle every project with a human-concerned perspective – if what’s trending is not really helping anyone then it’s not needed, even if it makes a lot of money.

WILDDESIGN | GRAPHIC DESIGN AND BRANDING TREND PREVIEW 2015More: I would love to see more and more eye catching examples of sustainable design. 2014 proved to be full of natural, yet still beautiful and functional projects. I hope that this trend will develop in 2015.
Less: Definitely less vintage or retro references in design. Classical logos and packaging are more than often sweet and stylish but unless you don’t sell homemade jam it’s enough. Look at new Pizza Hut logo.
Design Resolution for 2015: My personal new year’s design resolution? More DIY projects at home. I started yesterday by painting a green zebra on my orange mug.


What’s your design resolution for 2015? Why not let us know below!

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Originally written by Jasper Rehder, 22. January 2015. Last updated 15. May 2023


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