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Design for Manufacturing made in Baden-Württemberg!

Starting June 2023, the WILDDESIGN Group will be supported by a new design office in Stuttgart – and is thereby realizing the long-held plan of a branch in the tech and economy region Baden-Württemberg. The new location is managed by Frank Detering who brings a great deal of expertise to WILDDESIGN as an accomplished designer and engineer.

Exactly two years after the opening of opening of our Design Brewery in Magdeburg WILDDESIGN takes the next step by establishing a new location in Stuttgart right at the heart of the state Baden-Württemberg. Its capital of Stuttgart does not only stand out with its vineyards, green parks and historic castles but is also an important industrial hub, home to mid-sized companies as well as global brands. In terms of design the new WILDDESIGN office will put a strong emphasis on the discipline Design for Manufacturing.

The Kulturpark in Stuttgart

Why Baden-Württemberg, why Stuttgart?

The federal state Baden-Württemberg is not only one of the strongest economic regions in Europe but also an important location for medical technology due to the cities of Tübingen and Tuttlingen as well as its vicinity to Switzerland. The region is characterized by a strong middle-class, an affinity for technology and a spirit for innovation – therefore, it offers the ideal environment for our new design office in Stuttgart.

The opening of the new office turns a long-held dream into reality: A new WILDDESIGN presence in south-west Germany also means moving closer to our customers in the field of surgical instruments, systems, and diagnostics, many of whom are based in the region. Thus, our new design office in Stuttgart not only sets new impulses in medical design. A local presence provides additional value, especially for our customers, through greater proximity, flexibility, and availability. In this way we hope to make a lasting contribution to efficient and trustful collaboration.

A New Face at WILDDESIGN: Graduate Engineer and Designer Frank Detering

With Frank Detering our new design office in Stuttgart gains a highly qualified management. Just like WILDDESIGN Frank is originally from the Ruhr Area. Since his studies, however, he has been located in Stuttgart. Therefore, he is not only well acquainted with the area of medical design, but also with the region Baden-Württemberg.

For his new position at WILDDESIGN Frank is bringing decades of experience in product design and the management of design agencies. Over the course of his career his work was awarded with more than 30 design awards making him a force to be reckoned with in the field product design. At the height of his professional career Frank is now dedicating himself to the management of our Stuttgart office with the same sense of motivation and esprit that motivates his innovative design. Here, it is his goal to strengthen the expertise of the WILDDESIGN team through his strong affinity for technology.

Knowing and understanding the needs of customers – only through that product design will be successful.

Frank Detering

With his dual qualification as graduate engineer and graduate designer Frank provides a unique perspective on the work of a designer, combining technical know-how and innovative design. When it comes to the management of design offices, it is still a rarity to find professionals that are skilled in engineering and product design. Therefore, we are especially happy that Frank will join us a competent addition to our WILDDESIGN team.

Setting a New Focus in Design – Emphasis on Design for Manufacturing

Not only in terms of the team, but also professionally the location in Stuttgart sets new impulses for the WILDDESIGN brand. The discipline of Design for Manufacturing, which is situated on the threshold of engineering and product design, is expanded here. Even if feasible design has always been a key strength and integral component of WILDDESIGN’s practice, with the manufacturing expertise of Frank the new Stuttgart office will focus on this approach in regard to medical design.

Design for Manufacturing optimizes the production process, reduces costs and sources of errors and ensures that products of high quality can be manifactured efficiently and competitively.

Markus Wild

With Design for Manufacturing, the design process is aligned to ensure that products are simple and cost-efficient to manufacture. Thereby, the focus is on technical implemantability of the design. Thus, the product design already determines that the end result is durable and optimized for the manufacture. As graduate engineer (manufacturing engineering) and designer Frank is a proven expert in combining technology and design which he will implement for our customer projects.

By considering target costs and technical feasibility, Design for Manufacturing offers the ideal match for User/Human Centered Design which prioritizes the usability of products and has a long tradition at WILDDESIGN. Design for Manufacturing embodies another aspect of our design profile through which we can optimally respond to the needs of our customers.

Our Vision for Stuttgart

Our vision for the new Stuttgart office is to merge innovative design and enthusiasm for technology in order to set new standards in medical design. With Frank Detering we have found the ideal addition to the WILDDESIGN team. Under his competent leadership we will advance Design for Manufacturing in Stuttgart and establish the new location as a strong pillar for WILDDESIGN.

As in our design offices in Magdeburg, Shanghai, and Munich we do not only want to build a skilled team in Stuttgart but also be a strong partner for our customers – to develop high-quality products together.

Here you can find the homepage of our new Stuttgart office.

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Originally written by Laura Spilker, 04. August 2023. Last updated 04. August 2023


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