Clarks Billboards in Shanghai

One of Britain’s leading footwear brands, Clarks, has expanded into the Chinese market, seeking to en-shoe some of the Middle Kingdom’s three billion feet.

WILDDESIGN serves Clarks via a design retainer arrangement, and is on hand at all times to assist Clarks with their marketing needs. This arrangement has simplified the agency-client relationship and ensured more efficient work and communication from both sides.

Our billboard and outdoor advertising campaign for Clarks began this past autumn. Those of you in Shanghai may have already seen the billboards around the city! Our outdoor ads are helping present a fresh and expanded brand identity, with an emphasis on classic, comfortable shoes adapted for younger generations. Clarks has a strong and dynamic brand identity in the UK, but here in China most consumers don’t even know Clarks is a shoe brand, and that’s what WILDDESIGN has sought to change.

To better fit and localize of the modern Chinese footwear market, Clarks aims to reposition market their footwear so as to attract younger demographics, with particular emphasis on females in urban areas. Clarks in China is moving beyond shoes famous for comfort, to encompass a brand reputation for contemporary fashion adapted to a younger generation. Clarks’ trendy yet timeless brand image is helping them conquer new markets in Asia, without losing the distinctive style that was developed for years in the UK and elsewhere.

To help in establishing a significant presence in China, we put together an entirely new brand book for Clarks, with a visual style designed to suit their new market focus. The brand book, which is an internal document, is an especially important tool for Clarks’ franchise structure in Asia, and it’s a key part of their branding strategy.

With an expanded product portfolio, Clarks is looking to establish a firm foothold in China, and WILDDESIGN will keep decorating the city with their brand message. More ads to come already in March!

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Originally written by Miriam Dabrowa, 23. January 2013. Last updated 15. May 2023


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