Calm – Privacy in the hospital | Design Sprint 14

In hospitals, the privacy of patients should be valued – in many cases, this is simply impossible. Design student Cora Ennes has addressed the problem in a sprint project.

Personal space in the hospital is limited and often the room has to be shared with other patients. Physical treatments by the nursing staff can become uncomfortable, so the situation leads to stress during the recovery phase. To offer patients more privacy, Cora has developed the Calm concept in a short period of time.

Calm is a roller blind attached to the patient’s bed that can be raised as needed. It can be used flexibly as a privacy screen from the patient in the neighboring bed or during treatments in the room and in the hallway. It is held to the bed frame by two modules on the sides. Variability is important when attaching it, as the beds and rooms in the hospital are equipped differently. A soft inlay on the clamping screw allows it to be adapted to the respective bed frame. With the help of a hand-operated clamp, the roller blind can be attached easily and quickly. The length of the covered area can also be varied by means of a sliding element.

Product details:

There is a motor on each side that moves the roller blind up or down with a joint mechanism. Both staff and physically impaired patients should be able to operate the device with ease. The roller blind can be easily adjusted by using a remote control.

The remote control can also be used to set an ambient light with different lighting scenes. In the dark, an orientation light is switched on at the edge of the bed and the remote surface is also illuminated. There is a tray on the housing in which the remote is conveniently charged via induction. As an add-on, a battery-powered tray can be attached directly to the end of the bed, making it easier for staff to reach.

Fits seamlessly into everyday hospital life

The product concept is designed to be easy to clean and not compromise the hospital’s hygiene. It consists of several injection-molded plastic components which are screwed together. After insertion, the screw connections are covered with a lid.

A power connection is possible on both sides. To avoid cables lying around, a cable drum inside retracts it. A magnetically held flap covers the cable. The flexible and space-saving installation of the roller blind also means that nursing staff are not restricted in their work. Thanks to its simple design with rounded corners and light shades, Calm creates a retreat that conveys a sense of security.

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Lydia writes about design processes and our medical design projects.

Originally written by Lydia Münstermann, 09. November 2022. Last updated 05. February 2023


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