Arab Health 2023: We present solutions for German medtech companies

Arab Health is the largest MedTech trade fair in the world and an important platform for companies to present their products and services and make new business contacts. As a German design agency, WILDDESIGN will be exhibiting for the first time at Arab Health in January 2023 in our role as industry experts and consultants at the Bavaria joint booth. We offer German companies solution approaches from the areas of user-centered innovation, digitalization and design for manufacturing to meet global competitive and cost pressures.

User-centered innovation

One of the most important challenges in the development of medical technology products is to focus on the needs and wishes of the users. By taking user requirements into account, products and services can be developed that not only meet their technical purpose and thus achieve higher user satisfaction as well as higher acceptance and performance of the product.

One example of our approach to user-centered innovation is the development of OT instruments, the Orthopedic Surgical Instruments for B.Braun Aesculap. Through regular customer feedback loops and extensive testing in collaboration with international surgeons and nursing staff, the instruments have been optimally adapted ergonomically to the needs of users.

Not only have ergonomics been improved, but the instruments are also easier to clean. The use of stainless steel as the only continuous material type and a design adapted to the manufacturing process have reduced cleaning times and extended the service life of the instruments – with an overall positive impact on the cost situation.

This user-centered approach has resulted in a series of more than 270 individual instruments, which is of great benefit to both users and cost bearers.


Digitalization has played an increasingly important role in the medical technology industry in recent years and offers numerous opportunities to optimize processes and improve product quality. We advise companies on the development of digital strategies and the implementation of digital projects.

The project “Mona”, an AI-supported expert system for the intensive care unit of our client Clinomic illustrates these possibilities very well. The use of artificial intelligence and machine learning enables convenient and time-saving documentation for the treating staff, which is always tailored to the patient’s current condition and medical history.

Another option for digitalization early on in product development is digital prototyping. By using 3D modeling and simulation technologies, products can already be virtually tested and optimized during the development process. This makes it possible to reduce development time and costs and increase the quality of the final product.

Design for Manufacturing

Early consideration of manufacturing aspects in product development can help reduce costs and improve product quality. We support companies in optimizing their manufacturing processes and selecting materials and components. One example of this is the development of the Elisa 300/500/800 family of intensive care ventilators for our customer Löwenstein medical, which are based on a common platform, enabling easier maintenance, component interchangeability and cost-efficient procurement.

We are looking forward to presenting our experience and solution approaches at Arab Health and also to engage in discussions with German medtech companies. As a leading medical design agency with four locations in Germany and China, extensive experience and a proven track record, we can help German companies overcome these challenges and succeed in the global medical technology market. 

Visit our team Marc Ruta and Sven Dörhage at our booth Z3. F59A at the Bavaria International joint booth to learn more about our projects and offers.

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Originally written by Markus Wild, 29. January 2023. Last updated 23. April 2023


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