Our Multicultural Design Team – from China to New Zealand and back

With seven offices around Europe and Asia, we’re a design firm that prides ourselves on being intercultural and international. We are proud to have team members from all over the world, and so we’d like to introduce our graphic designer Yingting Chen, who spent almost a decade in New Zealand.

In Auckland Yingting was studying and working in design industry, but now she’s back in her native China and has some very interesting observations to share. The cultural, geographic and economic peculiarities of modern Shanghai have made it a unique and dynamic place to live and work, particularly from a design perspective. As Yingting sees it, Shanghai presents a fusion of East and West that isn’t really to be found anywhere else in the world today, along with a sense of excitement and energy about the future. “People come here from all over the world hunting for more opportunities – businessmen, musicians, adventurists, artists, students, and… graphic designers! So here I am, in Shanghai, after wandering around New Zealand for ten years”.

Yingting particularly enjoys acting as a sort of cultural bridge, much as the city itself does. Her advice? “Let the city inspire you! You can find local & international art exhibitions here, or you will come across some interesting street art or shop installations. In the French concession area, you can find a hint of Europe, narrow streets, cute cafes… or I should say it’s a fusion style? Anyway we call it ‘The Shanghai Style’. Shanghai has given me a big opportunity to learn and grow in a short time, so far I really love this city and hope to keep my passion for it high!”


Indeed, the city has taken on a substantial international flavor of late. “There are a lot of international design agencies in Shanghai”, Yingting explains, adding that “the creative industry is booming, as China is developing at such a fast pace.” This is part of what necessitates the WILDDESIGN 360 degree design approach, as there is a need to help local brands with all facets of design and marketing, as well as assist international brands in adapting to the unique parameters of the Chinese market. WILDDESIGN also assists local brands in pursuing opportunities abroad. “In WILDDESIGN I have learnt so much by working with a group of talented creative individuals. I love that our office is located in a very old Shanghai style neighborhood where people do all kinds of activities on their street. They are so lively and I think it is the real Shanghai, full of stories.”


WILDDESIGN has a very diverse global team, with a wealth of experience in numerous markets and cultures around the world. We trade in our ability to understand how different cultures and places approach design and marketing, and welcoming Yingting into our fold is a substantial part of that.

Learn more about us at WILDDESIGN.cn.

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Yingting’s bilingual Blog: http://oneeyecat.com/

All pictures are provided by Yingting from her personal album.


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